Pink, Your New Obsession: 6 Must-Have Trends for Summer

The Pantone report for the must-have colors of the spring/summer 2016 season speaks of calming, soothing colors influenced by the worlds of art and architecture. And pink features prominently among those trends, in several iterations. Be it rose, lilac, peach, or lavender, cool and androgynous or ultra-feminine, pink is definitely one trend not to be ignored this summer. Check out 6 amazing shades of pink to include in your wardrobe, personal style, or home design this summer!

1. Rose Quartz

01 eosphorite-rose-quartz

Deriving its name from the similarly titled mineral, rose quartz is luminous and serene. It can be just as easily adapted to a chic gamine style as it works for a flowy summer dress. This season It can be seen both on clothing, as well as on nails and in hairstyles—in a continuation of last year’s trend of unusual streaks, full hair colors, and in balayage and ombre styles. For the awesomely daring, try eye shadow in this tone and, if you want to go all out, pair it with a matching lipstick or lip-gloss shade.

2. Hazy Taupe

02 hazy-taupe-michael-kors-handbag

It’s a nearly basic neutral, but with a dash of sweetness thrown into the mix for good measure. Taupe has been around since the post-war era, for its ease of wear and match. This season brings along a more feminine shade, which will work wonderfully both for wardrobe staples (rain coats, handbags), as well as for accents (hats, shoes, belts). Taupe is perfectly suitable for office styles, as well as for demurer takes on casual-cool attire, so age suitability is of no issue in the case of this color.

3. Salmon Coral

03 salmon-coral-pink-lady-boots-timberland

We’ve seen salmon pink and we’ve seen coral pink on the runways before. Both shades of pink have an orange undertone, which makes them warmer and even friendlier to wear—as you can see in the salmon coral ladies’ boots from Timberland featured above. The thing about these boots is that they will work just as well with a flowy, lacey skirt as will they with cut-off boyfriend jeans. And we just love any trend that’s as versatile as that!

4. Lavender Pearl

04 pearl-set-lavender-freshwater

Possibly the most delicate hue on our list, lavender pearl is best sported in, well, sets of lavender pearls. As any pearl aficionado will tell you, pearls have this wonderfully timeless quality about them, which is exactly what you should expect from a quality set of accessories showcasing this stone. They speak volumes as to the wearer’s class and sense of style and will look just as beautiful on the slim neck of a young girl, as will they around the weathered wrist of a matriarch. As a runway micro-trend, lavender pearl featured prominently as the color of choice for skirts and hosiery, and will also look spectacular as a nail polish tone.

5. Hot Flamingo

05 hot-pink-sweater-pastel-skirt

Call it fuchsia, neon pink, or hot pink—by any other name, it looks just as great, to paraphrase the Bard. Check it out above in a daring, yet totally cozy combo, where homey velour meets a bold color and is paired off with a completely different shade of the same color. It might take a gutsy girl to bring together a neon nuance with its pastel cousin, but, hey!, the experiment works. If you’re not feeling particularly experimental, try a pair of slim-cut slacks in neon pink and match them with your favorite sneakers and blazer. You’ll look at once worldly and comfortable.

6. Candy Floss Pink

Girl with pink hair. Fashionable Trend

This is clearly the sweetest, girliest, and most youthful shade of pink on our list, but that shouldn’t scare off a more androgynous fashionista, or those who are well past their teenage years. The trick to pulling off such a sweet, sweet shade of pink is to, perhaps, toughen it up a bit. If you plan on wearing a candy floss pink item, pair it off with a neutral (black and dark grey probably work best), or a rich jewel tone (navy or burgundy, for instance). Finally, as a hair color, candy floss pink will probably be best highlighted by a cropped pixie cut or a short-short crew cut. Go pink—but don’t forget to go punk, too!

Pink is definitely no new arrival on the fashion scene, and proof to that stands the now iconic soundbite, “… is the new pink”. Throughout the ages, that blank was filled in by various colors, fads, and trends. But, throughout it all, pink survived, and reinvented itself to suit the trends of the time. Here it is, coming at you for spring/summer, in ever-new iterations. Which one’s your favorite?

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