Tips for Selecting Maternity Swimwear

Even though you are pregnant, you shouldn’t give up activities you like to do, such as swimming or going to the beach. Swimming is great exercise that can keep your body healthy and toned as your child grows inside of you. In order to keep up with your water exercise, or to just hang out poolside, there are many cute maternity swimsuits from which you can choose.

Tips for Buying Maternity Swimwear

When you’re selecting swimwear while you’re pregnant, finding something supportive should take precedence over fashion. As your breasts and belly grow, you will want something that will help support them to help prevent backaches. Your breasts can easily grow a cup size, so you will want a top that can adjust with you as they grow.

A halter-style top that ties around the neck and back can help give you the support you need, for both your back and breasts. If you don’t like halter tops, consider an adjustable shelf-style top, as that will provide good support as well.

When to Shop

Most women will be fine in their regular swimsuit until they begin to show, at which point you will want to go shopping for new swimwear. For most women, that won’t be until the 5th or 6th month, so you don’t have to plan on shopping for a new swimsuit until your 2nd trimester. By then, you will be showing enough to choose a suit that will fit well as your belly grows.

Try It On

Before purchasing a swimsuit, be sure it fits well—especially the bottoms, if you are purchasing a bikini or tankini. Most of the bottoms will fit underneath your belly, but will be higher in the back. Make sure the bottoms don’t feel restrictive or pinch when you try them on.

Stay True to Yourself

When choosing from the various maternity swimwear styles, stick with the type of suit you would normally wear instead of buying something you may not be comfortable wearing. Most types of swimsuits are available for pregnant women, including:

  • Bikinis
  • Tankinis
  • One-pieces

If you are uncomfortable showing yourself in a swimsuit, but you still want to maintain your swimming routine, wrap a sarong around your body while heading to the pool or opt for a variety of other cover-ups.

Consider a Tankini

If you are concerned about a growing belly and feeling restricted in a one-piece, but are reluctant to buy a bikini, a tankini may be a good compromise. You can usually find ones with flowing tops so it won’t feel tight on your top and it will allow for some growth without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, you can lift the top while you’re sunning to allow yourself an overall tan.

You don’t have to give up swimming or sunning at the beach while pregnant. You will find that you have several swimwear choices when you go shopping at your favourite maternity store, so you should be able to find a swimsuit you like.