Upgrade your entire look by adding some trendy belts and sling bags.

Dresses have always won over the Fashion Industry. Comparisons, looking for a better choice, the versatility of a top or a denim, variety, range of colours and shades has always kept women chasing after the best option. But is it only restricted to clothes and apparels? Do we need the best choice in our garments? Do only these make us look the best in the public? I have asked all these questions to myself a number of times when I try to dress in a repetitive dress or may be a comfortable dress which I love to adorn or my most favourite pieces of attire, which I want to adorn time and again because it makes me look slimmer. And the answer to all these questions was YES until I found a range of fashionable accessories on an Indian fashion shopping website named Stalkbuylove.com.

I am not a very busy person, but I always keep myself busy looking at various fashion, shopping websites, so that my husband could keep himself busy earning more money. It was a romantic day, raining outside, chilling inside, was serving myself with a hot cup of Latte and had nothing much to do so I thought of searching for something trendy stuff online. Whenever I look at my closet, I realize it has room for more and this thought triggers me almost 365 days a year. That day too, I wanted to buy something new and exciting which could be worn for my next outing. Clothes were not that impressive as I had almost every new style which I could wear, so tried to search for some accessories which could polish my ensemble. The website that I searched out had a magnificent range of women’s fashion accessories.

I started off with some Ladies’ Handbags. It is a great styling approach which could dress up the whole outfit within a fraction of seconds. But I am not a handbag person, it is not easy for me to carry a handbag unless the occasion is truly formal. So I wanted to have something which could hold my stuff without putting in an effort. And at the same moment something caught my eye, it was SLING BAGS online. I had seen them a number of times in fashion magazines, with ladies walking down the street, but never thought of buying myself one. Maybe I never had seen such a stylish range before. But that day I finally got a chance to explore this new collection, which has been offered by the fashion industry to us.

Sling bags are known for being compact, classy and versatile, carries all the stuff like a handbag and the strap can be worn either on the shoulder or across the torso. I just loved this concept, the features of a handbag with no worries of handling it, just put across the chest and forget. WOW… I simply fell in for the bag there only,  but the race to find the best one out was not finished yet. So I kept searching for variant colours, trendy styles, and modish straps. I read somewhere that before buying a bag one must keep her body type and size in mind, I also searched as per the same from sling bags online. So started looking for a medium sized bag with chain or belt straps. The struggle to buy one classic piece was not as easy as it used to be for clothes. As I am not that fond of handbags, so wanted one elegant piece which would go with my most of the occasions. But all my efforts went in disdain and I got too confused with the enormous collection. Finally, I selected a few pieces out of which I will be asking my husband to purchase one of his choices (at the end he should also be felt privileged for the wise use of his money…right?)

Let me show you the list:-

Let me show

The first piece which I liked was this animal print which is a forever trend. The beige detailing has given it a subtle outlook and the A-shape shows the room inside the bag which will be of great help for casual day outs when I need maximum stuff to carry along. It can be accompanied on a date or an evening party with Black formal attire to notice the envious glances from my neighbours and so-called friends (just kidding!!!)

called friends

The Owl Bag is the next most trendy item I have chosen. I want to carry this out of the box style in the day and night time with all my dressy apparels and casual outfits. The combination of off-white and black gives it an intense look which will make me the head turner on the streets. WOW.. I have even started imagining…

even started imagining

Orange Boost is the next in the list which I loved for the color, size and stylish broad straps. Being smaller in size, it is easy for me to handle the weight and secondly the color goes well for the summer as well as for the winter season. I want to dress it up with my dullest attires to give them an uber chic look.

Orange Boost is the

The Red color Amy heart bag is the next loved choice. Just look at the fab color, shape and string it has to offer. The golden touch in the string has made the bag awesome for the night as well as daytime. The heart shape has touched my heart as it will look super hot when I will carry it along with my denim and long dresses. I know everyone is going to look at me at least for once which is what I want after spending huge sums of money.

huge sums of money

This Yellow-Golden Adm Sling bag is one of the elegant choices I have made so far in this list. I am pretty sure I am going to buy this one as I already know what he is going to choose. Well, I am in love with this shade of yellow. It is a truly classy and elegant piece which can be adorned with any kind of casual or formal ensemble to give a flawless look. It is a forever bag in shape, stylish in the string, classy in the shade and superbly hot.

After this wonderful collection of Sling bags, I still had time. I was done with my coffee, but it was still raining, could not go out so continued searching for more accessories for myself and eventually landed on some belts for women. BELTS are the other gracious items that can make an ensemble much better than on its own. The same website offered a chivalric range of belts too. From sleek to broad, from solid coloured to prints, it exhibited a nice variety for me to spend at least an hour more on the same portal.

Belts for women are often treated as the final finishing to any attire. It not only helps your jeans from falling down, but also give your silhouette a shape to be admired. Sleek bodies use it to play with their waist illusion of having curves, whereas voluptuous figures use it to accentuate their curves. Some of the belts online that I selected that day are:-

Belts for women

This is the most classic choice that I felt in the whole stock. Having a shiny texture, the belt can be paired up with denim, formal trousers and with skirts for a sleek slender look. A solid-coloured jumpsuit (in navy, green, blue, red, beige) can also be segregated with this solid coloured black belt.

this funky looking belt

This bow printed belt is one of the top selling belts on the website. The sleek finished look belt has a lot to give with denim pants or casual trousers with tucked in shirts or crop tops. A simple attire in no prints and patterns can be polished with this funky looking belt.

The next in line is this Double Glam belt, which has a sober yet elegant look for all formal meetings and office routines. Being a  double belt, it will go around the waist twice and would offer a change than regular belts for women. The golden colour and metal alloy buckle and fitting would shape up your waist in maxi and skater dresses.

maxi and skater dresses

The Blue Cross Front Belt can redefine your style in a sophisticated way. The Fashion divas need to have this for their closets for casual attires and love date with your special one. I would really prefer this with my sky blue maxi or over a denim paired with a white tank top in blue accessories for a stylish look.

for a stylish look

I just loved this shade. The Ocean Cool Belt is a superb and natty shade which will be well suited with yellow, sea green, turquoise blue, white shades of dresses and tops. With formal pants, it will yield a fresh look for the office, and with a maxi dress it will influence your waistline.

The rain is still continuing but I am done with this cool and awesome list of belts and sling bags online, I am all ready to shop more than one product from fashionable accessories from online portals like Stalkbuylove.com for the new season which is advancing. The cooler shades and trendy styles are all that is going to be my focal point for this summer.