A Career in Fashion Journalism

When it comes to fashion, fashion is a way of life. Many of us don’t simply want to look good, we need to look great. All. The. Time. It’s those among us with that fiery passion for fashion that stand to elevate their passion into a successful career. Fashion careers take many forms. For instance, you could be a fashion designer, or a fashion model. One avenue many fail to consider, is a fashion critic or blogger. You see, while many chase the elusive dream of being a direct participant in fashion, there are plenty of ways to make a living from simply observing fashion.

To do this, however, you’re going to need a degree of fame, and so you’ll first need an online presence. To attain an online presence, you need to be putting your opinions or news updates out there frequently and consistently. That’s the most important thing. However, you’re also going to need to network with others in the industry, whether just getting started, like yourself, or celebrities, via social media. Making this connections will boost your own sphere of influence beyond belief.

However, this is all for naught if you’re not well informed, so you’re going to need to do plenty of research. In fact, research will be the hardest part, unless you have some form of performance anxiety, at least. Because once you’re properly informed, relaying news or your own opinions will be second nature. This research can be done online, as well. It can also be done via fashion magazines. However, another great, underrated way to keep up to date with the world of fashion is fashion shows. If you’re interested in seeing new looks live and in motion, trying a service like QVC to catch the last fashion shows to get that extra edge.